Academic Committees

Academic Committees

The Academic Committee of each program is chaired by the Program Coordinator, and includes assistant coordinators (doctors with proven experience directing doctoral dissertations over the last five years and/or at least one six-year period of research as Full or Associate Professor in participating universities), team leaders and/or research coordinators (qualified under Royal Decree 99/2011).

Coordinators and Secretaries by doctoral program

Health Sciences and Technology

Programa de Doctorado Ciencia y Tecnología de la Salud

Composition, History, and Techniques in Architecture and Urban Planning

Programa de Doctorado Composición, Historia y Técnica en la Arquitectura y el Urbanismo

Social Communications

Programa de Doctorado Comunicación Social

Law and Economics

Programa de Doctorado Derecho y Economía

Humanities in the Contemporary

Programa de Doctorado Humanidades

Translational Medicine

Programa de Doctorado Medicina

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