Specific Doctorate Regulations

Specific Doctorate Regulations

1. Dissertation Submission Prerequisites

  • Favorable report by the dissertation supervisor.
  • Completion of all Mandatory Training, along with optional activities instructed by the dissertation supervisor (as well as any additional training, if required).
  • A month-long (minimum) research visit at a center other than the institution granting the doctoral degree (the International Doctorate Mention requires a minimum visit of three months at a foreign research center).
  • Exhibit scientific productivity by ways of published materials, as required by the candidate´s Academic Committee.

2. Applying for the Dissertation Submission

  • The candidate must submit the following documentation to the Director of CEINDO, who will immediately forward it to the Academic Committee:
    a. Dissertation submission application approved by the Dissertation Supervisor (ANNEX I).
    b. Résumé.
    c. Personal activity book validated by the Supervisor, containing the records of placement at a research center as specified in the candidate´s program handbook.
    d. The Doctoral Dissertation in both physical and electronic formats.
    e. A list of 10 tentative members of the dissertation committee, including their qualifications
    (ANNEX II).
    f. Copy of any publication derived from the doctoral dissertation (ANNEX III).
    g. If the candidate wishes to obtain the International Doctoral Mention, he or she must also submit a list of 3 international experts in their field, from the list of 10 candidates proposed in ANNEX II, as well as any documentation proving that the candidate meets all the requirements established in Point 1 of Art. 15 of RD 99/2011.

Article 15. Doctoral Degree and Dissertation International Mention under an international co-tutelage system.

1. The Doctorate Certificate may include the wording “International Doctorate” on the front when the following conditions are met:

a) During the period of training required to obtain the Doctorate, the doctoral student has spent at least three months abroad at a higher education institution or prestigious research center, studying or carrying out research. The placement and activities must be approved by the Director and authorized by the Academic Committee, and will be included in the doctoral student’s activity document.

b) Part of the doctoral thesis, at least the summary and conclusions, has been written and presented in one of the typical languages (other than any of the official or co-official languages of Spain) of scientific communication in the student’s field of knowledge. This rule shall not apply when placement, reports, and experts are in or from a Spanish-speaking country.

c) The thesis has been supervised by at least two experts belonging to a Higher Education institution or research institute outside of Spain.

d) At least one expert belonging to a Higher Education institution or research center abroad, with the title of Doctor, and other than the person responsible for the placement mentioned in paragraph a), has sat on the dissertation panel.

2 Doctor’s degree will include on its obverse the diligence “regime of supervision with the University thesis U”,provided that the following circumstances occur concurrently:
a) that the dissertation is supervised by two or more doctors of two universities, a Spanish and another foreign, that will formalize an agreement of joint supervision.
b) that during the period of training necessary to obtain the title of Doctor,the doctoral student has made a minimum stay of six months in the institution that is established the Convention of supervision,conducting research, either in a single period or several. Stays and activities will be reflected in the Convention’s supervision.

Article 15 bis. Industrial mention in PhD.

1. will be awarded the mention “Industrial PhD” provided that the following circumstances occur concurrently:
a) the existence of a business or commercial contract with the student. Contract may be held by a company in the private sector or the public sector,as well as by a public administration.

b) the student shall participate in a project of industrial research or experimental development that develops in the company or experimental development that develops in the company or public administration that provided the service, which may not be a University.The project industrial research or experimental development involving the student must be directly related to the thesis that performs.This direct relationship will be credited by means of a memory that will have to be endorsed by the University.
2. in the case that the industrial research or experimental development project is run in partnership between the University and the companyor public administration in which pay service the doctoral student, will sign a framework cooperation agreement with between the parties.This agreement shall state the duties of the University and the obligations of the company or public administration, as well as the selection procedure of doctoral students.

The student will have a thesis tutor appointed by the University and a responsible person appointed by the company or public administration, which may be, in your case, according to the rules of PhD thesis Director.


Within 15 working days, the Academic Committee will submit the panel proposal and dissertation approval before the Director of CEINDO, who will then initiate a 15-working day period for presentation and public disclosure, if applicable, informing the interested party, the dissertation supervisor(s), and panel members:

  • Immediately following communication, the doctoral student shall provide each member of the panel with the following:
    • A copy of the thesis in the format specified.
    • Résumé.
    • Copy of the publications derived from the doctoral dissertation.
  • Upon receiving a copy of the dissertation panel members must issue a reasoned report within 15 calendar days, stating whether the dissertation meets the necessary conditions for its presentation and defense.

3. Defending and grading the Doctoral Dissertation

  • The dissertation defense procedure will take place over a public hearing and will consist of the doctoral student’s presentation of preparatory work undertaken, methodology, and dissertation content and conclusions, highlighting any original contributions to the subject of study. The doctors present at the public hearing may ask questions at the time and in the manner specified by the panel´s chairperson.
  • Once the dissertation defense concludes, following a process of deliberation and closed-door voting process, the panel will award an overall rating of FAIL, PASS, VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT.
  • The panel may award a distinction if the overall rating is excellent and a unanimous positive vote is cast to that effect in a secret ballot.
  • The Secretary of the Panel shall collect the secret vote of each panel member in a sealed envelope signed on the front, and shall submit it to the Academic Secretary of the CEINDO, who shall then communicate it to interested parties.
  • The Panel Secretary shall also collect the secret vote of each member, in a sealed and signed envelope, determining whether the doctoral student is eligible for the Extraordinary Doctoral Award. This envelope shall also be submitted to the Academic Secretary of CEINDO, who will proceed to communicate it to the interested parties.

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