Access Itinerary, Admission and Registration

Access Itinerary, Admission and Registration

Know all the steps for access, admission and enrollment in the Doctoral Programs at the CEU - International Doctoral School (CEINDO)

The information and requirements for access, admission and enrollment of the future Researcher in Training are presented below.

Stages to become a Researcher in Training

1. Access

1. In general, to access an official doctoral program it will be necessary to be in possession of the official Spanish Bachelor’s degrees, or equivalent, and University Master’s degrees, or equivalent, provided that at least 300 ECTS credits have been passed in.

2. Likewise, those who are in any of the following cases will be able to access:

  • Be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or from another country that is part of the European Higher Education Area, which qualifies for access to a Master’s degree in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29 and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in all official university studies, of which at least 60 must be at the Master’s level.
  • Be in possession of an official Spanish Graduate degree, whose duration, in accordance with Community law regulations, is at least 300 ECTS credits. These graduates must take the training supplements referred to in article 7.2 of this regulation, unless the study plan of the corresponding undergraduate degree includes research training credits, equivalent in training value to the research credits from of Master’s studies.
  • University graduates who, after obtaining a place in training in the corresponding test for access to specialized health training places, have passed with a positive evaluation at least two years of training in a program to obtain the official title of any of the specialties in Health Sciences.
  • Being in possession of a degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, without the need for its homologation, after verification by the university that it accredits a level of training equivalent to that of the official Spanish University Master’s degree and that it authorizes the issuing country of the title for access to doctoral studies. This admission will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous degree that the interested party is in possession of or its recognition for other purposes than that of access to doctoral studies
  • Be in possession of another Spanish Doctorate degree obtained in accordance with previous university regulations.
  • Be in possession of an official university degree that has obtained correspondence to level 3 of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, in accordance with the procedure established in Royal Decree 967/2014, of November 21, which establishes the requirements and the procedure for the homologation and declaration of equivalence to official university degree and academic level and for the validation of foreign Higher Education studies, and the procedure to determine the correspondence to the levels of the Spanish Framework of Qualifications for Higher Education of the official titles of Architect, Engineer, Graduate, Technical Architect, Engineer.

2. Admission

Once you have verified that you meet the access requirements, you must complete the Admission Form, which must be accompanied by all the required documentation.

For all applicant students:

  • Up-to-date and legible photocopy of the DNI (in the case of Spanish citizens) or the passport or NIE (in the case of foreign citizens).
  • Documentation that justifies the request for the Part-Time study modality.
  • Academic certification of the studies carried out.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • If you have an official foreign language level certificate, attach it to the documentation.

In case of foreign title:

  • In case of an approved foreign title (within the EES): certified or collated photocopy of the homologation credential issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Certified or collated photocopy of the foreign Higher Degree and the Master’s degree, or proof of having requested them, as well as the academic certification of the studies carried out in which they appear, among other extremes, the official duration, in academic years (both documents duly legalized and translated, where appropriate).
  • Certified or collated photocopy of the Certificate issued by the University that issued the Degree stating that said degree allows access to Doctorate studies in the issuing country.


Merit assessment:

Once the Doctoral School has verified that the application meets the access requirements, the Academic Committee of each doctoral program is responsible for deciding whether the applicant fits the recommended access profile and meets the admission profiles. In general, to be admitted, the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Academic record.
  • Good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.
  • Other merits: Scientific production of the candidate (authorship of scientific-technical publications or documents, participation in congresses), Erasmus, SICUE-Seneca or similar stays, specialization courses received outside official university teachings, and previous professional experience related to the subject of the doctoral program.

Up to two letters of recommendation written by university professors, researchers and, exceptionally, professionals who have had a relationship with the candidate and have participated in their academic or professional training may also be taken into account.

It is recommended to add to the documentation a letter of motivation detailing the personal and professional justification for applying for admission to the program, the theme and line of research chosen, as well as the name of the possible Thesis Director who could direct the research work.

If deemed necessary, the Academic Committee or professors of the doctoral program to whom they delegate may call the applicant for personal interviews to deepen the content of this document.

Admission criteria and procedures for part-time students will be the same as those contemplated for full-time students.


Program Specific Criteria


3. Enrolment

Once the letter confirming the ADMISSION by the Academic Commission of the corresponding Doctorate Program has been received, you must proceed to formalize the enrolment, as indicated below, within the period indicated in the Administrative Calendar.

  • Delivery of the following documentation at the CEINDO headquarters that corresponds to you according to where you have requested to carry out your studies:
    • Original passport size photograph (with white background).
    • University Degree (AUTHORIZED PHOTOCOPY) (University degrees not belonging to the Spanish Educational System must be duly legalized).
    • Academic certificate of grades (CERTIFICATED PHOTOCOPY).
    • Photocopy of the DNI, passport or residence card.
    • Other Titles (CERTIFIED PHOTOCOPY). (Master, English level…).

If a certified copy is not available, the documents may be checked at the CEINDO Secretariat, presenting the corresponding originals.

    • Motivation letter, where you express your interest in doing the doctorate, the line of research, and if you have already contacted a professor, whom you can propose as a possible Tutor or director of your Thesis, although it will be the Academic Committee that will make the allocation, which may not be linked to the proposal.
    • Curriculum Vitae.
    • Application for enrollment in Academic Guardianship, duly signed.

This document will be provided to you in person at the headquarters of the CEINDO Secretariat, or it may be filled out at the following link, and delivered signed with the rest of the documents.

  • Payment of fees established:
    • Account number where the collection of the established fees will be made, or failing that, proof that proves the exemption of the same(Consult exemptions).
    • Payment can be made in two ways:

SINGLE PAYMENT: A bonus of 2% will be applied to the established price, and will be made in the month of December.

SPLIT PAYMENT: It will be carried out in 7 monthly installments from December to June

This document will be provided to you in person at the headquarters of the CEINDO Secretariat, or it may be filled out at the following link, and delivered signed with the rest of the documents.


  • Your registration will not be valid until the corresponding CEINDO Secretary receives all the completed documentation.
  • The documentation that is attached for the formalization of the registration will form part of the file, so it will not be returned to the interested party.

Enrollment will be valid exclusively for the Academic Year, and must be renewed annually, as Academic Tutelage, until obtaining the Doctor’s degree within the established deadlines.

4. Dates and Deadlines


  • Admission period for new students: from 20/06/23 to 20/10/23
  • Registration period for new students: from 02/11/23 to 30/11/23

Registration Renewal: from 02/10/23 to 30/11/23


– Enrolment renewal: from 01/12/23 to 10/01/24


Students in the 2nd and subsequent years must enrol themselves via the University intranet following the instructions they have received by email from the CEINDO SECRETARIAT [email protected]. The renewal of annual enrolment is compulsory and failure to do so within the deadlines indicated will result in the automatic closure of the student’s file.

Important information:

– In the case of PDF files: for applications to work correctly they must be opened with Adobe Acrobat. It is therefore advisable to save the PDF form on your PC before filling it in.

– In the case of WORD files: fill in the form digitally on your computer (applications filled in manually will not be processed). Sign digitally or manually.

– Rename the files before sending them including the name and surname of the applicant and subject of the application (example: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_LEAVEOFABSENCEREQUEST_2023).




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