Process for Admission

Process for Admission

Describes all process and documentation required to apply for a PhD Program at CEINDO, CEU International School of Doctoral Studies.

Admission to the PhD Programs offered at CEU International School of Doctoral Studies (CEINDO) requires the participation of both the applicant and the relevant program’s Academic Committee.
We recommend that you complete the following steps before applying for admission to a PhD Program:

  1. Make sure that you meet all General Entrance Requirements and General Admission Criteria, as well as those Requirements Specific to each Program.
  2. Research the PhD program you wish to pursue, get in touch with the Program Coordinator and tentative Dissertation Supervisors.
  3. Apply for admission to CEU International School of Doctoral Studies (CEINDO): fill out the Admission Application Form and provide all required documentation.

Upon verifying that the student meets all of the requisites for admission, the School of Doctoral Studies will submit all of the documentation in the candidate’s file to the Academic Committee of the PhD Program. The Academic Committee will then decide whether the candidate is eligible for admission.

Once the applications have been processed, the Academic Committee will notify you regarding the status of your ADMISSION, including detailed instructions to complete the admissions process and, ultimately, enroll in the PhD program. If you are NOT ADMITTED, you will also be notified, along with the reasons behind the decision. You may resubmit the corrected application after six (6) months.

Required Documentation

The following list of documents must be attached along with your Application for Admission:

All candidates

  • Current and legible photocopy of your ID card (citizens of Spain), passport or NIE (foreign citizens).
  • Documentation supporting your request to study part-time.
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Résumé.
  • Any official foreign language proficiency certificate must also be attached.

For students holding a national or EHEA degree

  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of your Undergraduate or Bachelor’s Degree, Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Technical Architecture or Technical Engineering, or Diploma, or proof of having paid the issue fees, and your Master’s degree certificate or proof of having requested it, or proof of the 60 or 120 credits taken, as the case may be, or their equivalence in official postgraduate programs..
  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of your University Degree, with a duration of at least 300 ECTS.
  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of the Report proving that, after successfully passing the relevant exam for admission to specialized health training, you have completed a minimum of two years of training in a program required to earn an official degree in any of the Health Sciences fields.
  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of your PhD Degree, earned in accordance with previous university regulations.
  • In the case of an officially recognized foreign degree, a certified or cross-checked photocopy of the approval issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of the Research Sufficiency (for Plan 85 students) or DEA (for Plan 98 students) grants; in the latter case, to be submitted alongside the DEA.

For students holding foreign qualifications outside of the EHEA

  • Certified or cross-checked photocopies of a foreign Undergraduate and Master’s degrees, or proof of application, as well as the academic certification of completed studies, including but not limited to the official duration in academic years (both documents duly legalized and translated, where appropriate).
  • Certified or cross-checked photocopy of the Certificate issued by the university that awarded the degree stating that said degree qualifies the student for Doctoral Studies in the issuing country.

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