The PhD student must fill in the thesis TESEO form in the Ministry’s telematic registry, at the following e-mail address:

The application offers comprehensive help (accessed via the ">Help" link at the top of the page on the right-hand side) which you can consult if you have any questions about how to fill in the forms. Support can also be accessed directly via the following link:

Observations to bear in mind when filling in the form:

  1. It is important to fill in all the data on the form, including the information on the thesis, the ID cards, or passports of the members of the examining board and the director, their nationality, the universities/centres where they are assigned, etc. Special attention should also be paid to the keywords (UNESCO codes) and the abstract.
  2. The space that appears as "Abstract" is a presentation of the doctoral thesis and must be long enough to explain the argument of the doctoral thesis (in this regard, a text between 400 and 500 words is recommended). This is an essential requirement for the Ministry to accept the thesis to be included in the TESEO database. Concerning the content of this summary, the Ministry has made the following recommendation:

    A criterion that can serve as a guideline is to understand the summary as a text commentary, where the differentiated presentation of the parts, introduction or motivation of the thesis, theoretical development, conclusion, and bibliography consulted, would fulfil the condition of producing an effective database. In its public consultation, it would offer an orderly and complete exposition of the doctoral student's data, exposing the information of the thesis in a "card" format.
  3. It is important not to close the form until the end of the thesis defence in case it is necessary to enter or modify any data. In this regard, the Ministry's online application does not allow you to easily modify the data already entered, so you are advised to be very careful when entering the information on the form.
  4. Once the defence has been completed and the file has been closed, the student must send it to the CEINDO Secretariat ([email protected]), who will sign it after checking that the form has been finalised in full and all the information on it is correct.  The CEINDO Secretariat will then add it to the student's academic record.