Itinerary and requirements for the deposit and defense

The researcher-in-training must go through each of these stages and substages to be able to carry out the Defense of his doctoral thesis.

Solicitud de depósito Requisitos previos a la solicitud de depósito Aprobación de depósito Tribunal: envío de documentación Acto de defensa y calificación de tesis Tribunal: Informe de aprobación

Deposit request

The interested party must submit the following documentation to the CEINDO Secretariat telematically by sending all documentation to the following email addresses depending on the location where he/she is enrolled:

The corresponding secretary's office will forward it to the Academic Committee:

  • Dissertation submission application approved by the Dissertation Supervisor (: DEPOSIT AND THESIS DEFENCE REQUEST).
  • PhD Student Curriculum Vitae.
  • PhD Activity Report validated by the Supervisor, containing the records of placement at a research center as specified in the verification report of the program.
  • Document signed by the person in charge of the host institution stating the use of the stay for the programmed purposes and mobility report (national and/or international).
  • The Doctoral Thesis in electronic format. On the cover the official name (as recorded in the Registry of Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT)), the logo of the university in which you are enrolled in the corresponding program and the CEINDO logo (in the Regulations of CEINDO style, a cover template is provided).
  • A proposal for an evaluation board (3 or 5 members to be confirmed by the secretariat), attaching their most outstanding merits (ANNEXE II. Thesis Committee Proposal). The doctoral student must guarantee that the proposed evaluating panel meets the requirements established in PC09.THESIS DEPOSIT AND DEFENCE or the Basic Guide Doctoral theses.
  • CV of the candidates to be part of the evaluation panel. The members of the committee must have a minimum of one year's postdoctoral experience from the time they first received their doctorate.
  • A list of the publications derived from the PhD thesis. (ANNEXE III. PUBLICATIONS LIST).
  • Copy of the publications derived from the doctoral thesis (pdf)
  • If the doctoral student submits a thesis by compendium of publications, previously accepted by the Academic Committee, he must take into account in the deposit of the thesis what is contemplated in the Regulations regulating doctoral programs and in the Regulations on thesis by compendium of publications of the CEINDO.
  • If the PhD student wishes to obtain the International Mention for title as Doctor, the following will also be necessary to present:
    • Two reports from international doctoral experts belonging to a non-Spanish higher educational institution or research institute (different from the person in charge of the centre where the stay took place). (Anexo IV Preliminary Report on the Doctoral Thesis)
    • An international member in the court´s proposal, as well as his or her alternate (different from the person responsible for the Centre where the stay was executed) (ANNEXE II).
    • Documentation accrediting that the doctoral student has gathered all requisites established in point 1 of article 15 of the RD 99/2011.
    • Part of the doctoral thesis, at least the abstract and conclusions, must be written and presented in one of the common languages appropriate for scientific communication in their field of knowledge, other than any of the official languages in Spain. This rule does not apply when the stays, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country. An abstract in Spanish is compulsory when the thesis is written entirely in a language other than the official languages in Spain.

Mentions: see requirements for the International Mention to the Doctoral Degree, for the Industrial Mention and for the thesis under co-supervision.

Download the annexes mentioned in the section "Related documentation".

Pre-requisites for deposit application

  • Favorable report from the director/s of the Thesis.
  • To have completed all the compulsory and optional training activities set by the director/s of the Thesis (and complementary training if required).
  • To have completed a research stay of at least one month in a center different from the one where the Doctoral Thesis is being carried out (in the case of the International Doctorate Mention, the minimum stay must be three months in a center outside the national territory).
  • To have reached the scientific productivity in the form of publications established by the corresponding Academic Committee. Consult the publication rules and specific requirements for the publications of your doctoral program in the DOCTORAL THESIS tab of the corresponding program: Doctoral Programs

Deposit approval

  • Once the Commission's report approving the deposit of the doctoral thesis has been received, an e-mail is sent to the entire university community with a copy to the doctoral student and his or her directors informing them of the beginning of the deposit.
  • The period of deposit and public exhibition lasts 15 working days.
  • During the deposit period any member of the university community can request to consult the doctoral thesis and raise allegations. Access to the doctoral thesis can be done in person at the CEINDO Secretariat or online through OneDrive.

Thesis Committee : sending documentation

After the fifteen working days of deposit, the end of the deposit is communicated to the student and his or her directors by e-mail. In the same e-mail, the student is informed of the final composition of the Committee and is instructed to send the following documentation to each of the members of the Committee as soon as possible:

  • A copy of the thesis in digital format and, if the members of the tribunal require it, a printed copy of it.
  • A CV.
  • A copy of the publications derived from the PhD thesis.
  • Doctoral student activities document. The activities document will not give rise to a quantitative score but will constitute a qualitative evaluation instrument that will complement the evaluation of the doctoral thesis.

An e-mail is sent to each of the members of the Tribunal informing them of their appointment. Each member of the Tribunal must send their previous report to the CEINDO Secretariat within a maximum period of 15 working days.

Thesis Committee: Approval report

Once all the previous reports from the members of the Court have been received, an e-mail is sent to the President, with a copy to the Secretary, requesting that he/she propose a date and time for the defense to be held.

In the event that any of the reports of the tribunal members is unfavorable, all interested parties will be informed that the process is paralyzed until the corresponding correction is made, as requested by the tribunal, in the period they consider. Once the correction has been made, the entire deposit process will be restarted with the same Tribunal.

Thesis defense and grading

The date, time and place of the thesis defense will be communicated to each member of the committee, the student and his or her directors.

The defense ceremony will take place in a public session and will consist of a presentation by the doctoral candidate of the preparatory work carried out, the methodology, and the content and conclusions of the thesis, with special mention of his or her original contributions to the subject under study. The doctors present at the public act may ask questions at the time and in the manner indicated by the president of the tribunal.

The defense of the thesis will be conducted in Spanish, without prejudice to the provisions of the corresponding agreement in the case of theses prepared under joint supervision, or in one of the official languages of the universities that are members of CEINDO, provided that the Academic Committee authorizes it and with the prior agreement of the doctoral candidate and the members of the Tribunal.

Except in cases of co-supervision of doctoral theses, the defense must be carried out at the universities promoting the CEINDO.
At the end of the thesis defense, the examining board will award, after deliberation and voting in closed session, the overall grade of NOT APPROVED, PASSED, NOTABLE or EXCELLENT. The examining board may award the mention of cum laude if the overall grade is outstanding and a unanimous positive secret ballot is cast in that sense.

The appropriate grade will be stated in the corresponding doctoral degree.

Once the doctoral thesis has been approved, the CEINDO and the University where the thesis has been defended, will take care of its filing in open electronic format in the institutional repository and will send, in electronic format, a copy of the thesis, as well as all the necessary complementary information to the Ministry of Education for the appropriate purposes.

Thesis advisor

The doctoral thesis consists of original research work carried out by the doctoral student in any discipline of the research lines established in the CEINDO doctoral programmes.  This work will be conducted in accordance with the rules established by the programme, the school, and the standards in effect.

Before applying for admission to a doctoral programme, it is advisable for the student to contact a potential thesis advisor. If you need guidance or information, you can contact the coordinator of the PhD programme.

From the time of admission to the PhD programme to (no later than), the Academic Committee responsible for the programme will assign each PhD student a PhD thesis advisor, who may be any Spanish or foreign doctor. 

The sole director may be any Spanish or foreign doctor with accredited research experience, regardless of the university, centre or institution in which he/she works.  They must be in possession of a recognised six-year research period (or equivalent merits if they do not have the possibility of applying for six-year periods). Researchers from outside the three CEU Universities may be directors if they meet these requirements. The thesis may be co-directed by other PhDs with prior authorisation from the Academic Commission.

The thesis supervisor is the person responsible for leading the student's research work, the coherence and suitability of the training, the impact and novelty of the research and for guiding the planning of the student's work and activities.
The duties of the Thesis Supervisor are as follows:

Sign the Documentary Commitment

Review and validate the training activities carried out by the PhD student included in the Activities Document in the academic management application SIGMA.

Supervise and validate the Research Plan of its doctoral students annually, ensuring that it is carried out within the established timeframe according to the dedication of the doctoral student in the SIGMA academic management application.

The thesis advisor is committed to supervise and monitor the research activity carried out by the PhD student on a regular basis making sure that the PhD thesis is deposited and defended on time.

The advisor shall ensure that the research project is feasible in accordance with the funding and resources available to him/her

The supervisor will annually evaluate the PhD student in the SIGMA academic management application by uploading the completed and signed Annual Report of the Supervisor.

Submit the application for the thesis dissertation to the Academic Commission.

Defended Theses


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Translational Medicine

2016/2017 academic year

2017/2018 academic year

2018/2019 academic year

2019/2020 academic year

2020/2021 academic year

2021/2022 academic year

  • Cirugía percutánea de la metatarsalgia aislada y asociada a Hallux Valgus. Resultados clínicos de un estudio multicentrico. (12/09/2022).
  • Estudio anatómico y radiográfico de los elementos estabilizadores posteriores de la rodilla. (19/10/2022).
  • Understanding the role of metabolism in the acquisition of severe allergic phenotypes (25/10/2022)
  • Características morfológicas esqueléticas y dentoalveolares del maxilar superior, en pacientes con caninos incluidos por palatino utilizando Tomografía Computarizada de Haz Cónico: Un estudio retrospectivo (30/11/2022)
  • Cambio de paradigma: de la supervivencia a la “bienvivencia” a través del diseño de modelos predictivos de efectos adversos del tratamiento del cáncer de cérvix (02/12/2022)
  • Valor pronóstico y significado clínico de las alteraciones genómicas en el Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor en pacientes con cáncer de vejiga y del tracto urinario superior metastásico (15/12/2022)
  • Microanatomía de puntos de acupuntura (20/12/2022)
    Ratios derivados del hemograma como predictores de ingreso en Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos en pacientes con COVID-19 (17/02/2023)
  • Biomarcadores asociados a asma grave y poliposis nasosinusal (24/03/2023)
  • Prognostic immune biomarkers in metastasic castration resistant prostate cancer (21/04/2023)
  • Impacto de una intervención online sobre el estilo de vida en adultos con obesidad e hipertensión durante la pandemia por COVID-19 (28/04/2023)
  • Perfil isocinético de rodilla y valores de referencia en futbolistas femeninas profesionales (01/06/2023)
  • Retinosis pigmentaria: estrés oxidativo, inflamación y tratamiento con dutasterida en el modelo de ratón rds=Retinitis pigmentosa: oxidative stress, inflammation and treatment with dutasteride in the rds mice model (16/06/2023)
  • El síndrome de burnout en profesores universitarios. El caso de una universidad privada (26/09/2023)

2022/2023 academic year

  • Impacto de la presencia del propio médico del paciente en una intervención online dirigida a mejorar los hábitos de alimentación y de ejercicio físico en adultos con fenotipo de obesidad-hipertensión: Ensayo Clínico Aleatorizado (19/01/2024)
  • Implantes dentales de tratamiento híbrido de superficie: caracterización y análisis mecánico-biológico (23/11/2023)
    Promoción de la lactancia materna en el contexto de pandemia por COVID-19. Intervención educativa desde la Atención
  • Primaria al cuidador informal de la embarazada, estudio de parámetros nutricionales y prolactina (15/01/2024)

Extraordinary Prize

The universities may award Extraordinary Doctorate Prizes to those theses that are particularly meritorious and that have obtained the maximum qualification, with one Extraordinary Prize being given for every ten doctoral theses defended.  If this minimum number is not reached in an academic year, the award period shall be extended by as many years as necessary.

Previously, the members of the tribunal who judge the doctoral thesis must unanimously consider that it is of sufficient quality to qualify for the award.

The academic commission of each doctoral programme may award the mention of extraordinary prize among the theses that have obtained the highest qualification and have been unanimously proposed for the prize by the thesis committee.

The call for extraordinary prizes will be informed when appropriate by the secretary of the CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO).

International Mention

Doctor’s degree may include on its obverse the mention of “International doctorate”, provided that the following circumstances occur concurrently:

During the training period required for obtaining the title of Doctor, the doctoral student has made a minimum stay of three months out of Spain at an institution of higher education or research center of prestigious, studying or conducting research. Stay and activities must be endorsed by the Director and approved by the academic Committee, and they will be incorporated into the activities of the student paper

That part of the doctoral thesis, at least the summary and conclusions, It has been drafted and presented in one of the common languages for scientific communication in their field of knowledge, different from any of the official or co-official languages of Spain. This rule shall not apply where the rooms, reports and experts come from a Spanish speaking country.

That the thesis has been informed by a minimum of two expert doctors belonging to any institution of higher education or non-Spanish Research Institute.

That at least one expert belonging to any institution of higher education or research centre not Spanish, with the title of Doctor, and other than the person in charge of the stay referred to in paragraph a), has formed part of the Court evaluator of the thesis.

International Cotutorship

The CEINDO promotes the internationalization of its programs through the signing of cotutorship agreements with leading universities that have officially recognized our doctoral studies. Each agreement is studied in detail, ensuring the quality of the program and the resulting research.

Industrial mention in PhD

The mention of “Industrial PhD” shall be granted provided that the following circumstances occur concurrently:

  • The existence of a business or commercial contract with the student. Contract may be held by a company in the private sector or the public sector, as well as by a public administration.
  • The doctoral student shall participate in an industrial research project or experimental development that develops in the company or public administration that provided the service, which may not be a University. The industrial research project o de desarroll or experimental involving the honoree must have direct relation with the thesis that performs. This direct relationship will be credited by means of a memory that will have to be endorsed by the University.

In the case that the industrial research or experimental development project is run in partnership between the University and the company or public administration in which pay service the doctoral student, sign a collaboration framework agreement with between the parties.This agreement shall state the duties of the University and the obligations of the company or public administration, as well as the selection procedure of doctoral students.

The student will have a thesis tutor appointed by the University and a responsible person appointed by the company or public administration, which may be, in your case, according to the rules of PhD thesis Director.