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Escuela Internacional de Doctorado CEU

CEU International Doctoral School

Also known as CEINDO, come and make your doctorate with us

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Doctorado CEU

Presentation of Doctoral thesis

Everything you need to know to present your doctorate in CEINDO


What is CEINDO?

CEINDO or CEU International School of Doctoral Studies brings together research groups made up of doctors with proven track records in research.

CEINDO's teaching project focuses on training large groups of researchers specializing in the diverse programs offered by the School. The main goal is to establish a network of internationally renowned researchers. To these ends, all three CEU Universities promote inter-university doctoral programs and foster collaboration among the most prestigious university institutions, enabling trainee researchers to participate in research projects of European and international repute.

What study?

Doctorate in Health Science and Technology

Doctorado en Ciencia y Tecnología de la Salud

Specialization in science and health technology to meet the growing demand for qualified personnel who are part of the sector.

Doctorate in Composition, History and Techniques in Architecture and Urban Planning

Doctorado en Composición, Historia y Técnica en la Arquitectura y el Urbanismo

Specialization in the various areas related to the conceptual dimension, design and technological architecture and urbanism.

Doctorate in Social Communications

Doctorado en Comunicación Social

International network of researchers specialized in different areas of study and research of social communication.

Doctorate in Law and Economics

Doctorado en Derecho y Economía

Training of researchers in law and Economics from the concepts and methodologies of research of different areas.

The Humanities in the Contemporary World PhD Program

Doctorado en Humanidades para el Mundo Contemporáneo

Form a network of researchers internationally specialized in different areas of study and research in the humanities.

Doctorate in Transational Medicine

Doctorado en Medicina Traslacional

Training of researchers, clinical and basic so that together can provide improvements in the quality of care.

Doctorate in Translational Medicine Engineering And Technological Development in Industrial, Biomedical and Computacional Applications

Doctorado en Ingeniería y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Aplicaciones Industriales, Biomédicas y Computacionales

This PhD program delves into the development of applications, as well as scientific and research methodologies through advanced knowledge in different fields of engineering.

How to study a doctorate in CEINDO?

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